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Thursday Evenings

Vendor applications for 2020 are open.

July 23 – September 17, 2020 • 5:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Food in the Field will take place on Thursday evenings at Pinnacle Ski & Sports lawn, 1652 Mountain Rd., Stowe, Vermont. Set-up prior to 3:45 p.m. is not permitted. All vendors must have their own WHITE 10×10 tent and be responsible for set up and break down. Set up must be complete before 5:00 p.m. and vendors are expected to stay, breakdown and remove their gear and goods at 8:00 p.m. weather and darkness permitting. The Executive Director will make the final decision on cancellation due to weather and will notify vendors in due course. Online applications accepted only. Please fill out the form below, review the Guidelines, confirm by signing, and click Submit button to complete. Contact Aimee Green at with questions.

  • In 2020 the Board of Directors of Stowe Vibrancy determined that there will be not be a fee assigned to vend with Stowe Vibrancy’s Food in the Field. All applications will be reviewed by the Executive Director before being accepted. We have a limit of no more than 25 vendors in 2020. Food in the Field is hosted by Stowe Vibrancy, Inc. with the mission to increase the vibrancy of the Town of Stowe through the enhancement of social, recreational, cultural, economic and physical characteristics of the Town of Stowe. Food in the Field celebrates and highlights the unique and diverse culture of the Stowe Area, by providing vendors an opportunity to sell locally produced agriculturally based products. For more information about Stowe Vibrancy, please visit and like us on Facebook

    Please note all vendor applications must be made online in 2020 by completing this application and hitting submit. Mail in applications will not be able to be considered this year. The deadline for the online applications is July 2, 2020.

    Parking & Restrooms
    Vendors are expected to unload and park in the Pinnacle Ski & Sports parking lot, and then move their equipment and goods to their designated vending spot on the Pinnacle Ski & Sports lawn which is on the corner of Cape Cod Road and Mountain Road in Stowe. Vendors should not park in the any of the surrounding roads, nor in the shared driveway with the Jewish Community Center of Greater Stowe (JCOGS), nor at JCOGS. All vehicles should enter the Pinnacle Ski & Sports parking lot from the Mountain Road, and exit in the same manner. Vendors should not park in any of the other private lots in the area, ie. JCOGS, StoweFlake, the Red Ban Shops, Sun & Ski, the Blue Donkey, or any private residences. Vendors will have use of the Pinnacle Ski & Sports restroom, as needed, which is inside the building. Please do not ask to use the restroom of other area businesses and establishments.

    Firearms & Drugs
    Sales of Firearms or Drug (or Drug Paraphernalia) will not be permitted in any instance.

    We require each Vendor to maintain high quality and safety standards, and to adhere to the State of Vermont’s Farmer’s Market Guidelines, available here: These guidelines ask that vendors have in place pre-ordering systems for their goods on their website. Once approved as a vendor, Stowe Vibrancy will work with you to link your pre-ordering system to our website for customers to pre-order and pick-up. In the event that this is not possible, vendors may be permitted to have pre-prepared/pre-packaged items for sale Please note however that each Vendor must complete an application, and be approved, as noted above.

    All Vendors must sell products produced or processed themselves. Buy/sell items, items made from kits, and commercially manufactured products are not allowed. We will accept applications for locally sourced and/or made pre-packaged food or beverage items on a case-by-case basis.

    Sales Tax & Insurance
    Each Vendor is responsible for sales tax and state and federal business licenses and insurance.

    Space Information- Set up and Break down
    Food in the Field will open to the public at 5:00 p.m. and will remain open until 8:00 p.m. Vendors may begin setting up at 3:45 p.m. (not before). Set up should be complete by 5:00 p.m. Vendors are expected to promptly breakdown and remove all of their gear and goods at 8:00 p.m. The Executive Director and Market Coordinator will determine space assignments and evert effort will be made to remain the same throughout the full season. Assignments will be provided to vendors prior to the first market, and weekly, if needed. Vendors are responsible for breaking down their stalls and picking up after themselves, this includes all trash and food waste. Vendors are responsible for providing tables, chairs, and a 10x10 canopy/tent. Tents cannot be larger than 10x10. Vendors are responsible for their property and any loss, damages or theft to their property. Because Food in the Field is held at an outdoor venue, all tables, chairs, tents, etc. must be securely set up throughout the course of the evening. Securely means tent/canopies must be weighted, and tables and chairs must be weighted and out of the way of traffic. There is no electrical supply.

    Stowe Vibrancy will require all patrons to travel one-way through the Market. We will have clear directional signage for vendors and patrons. Every vendor’s 10x10 tent will need to be spaced 12’ feet apart. We will provide a clear map of your stall each week, and will work to provide you with the same space each week. Stowe Vibrancy requires that you ensure that you and your staff are masked at all times, in addition to providing hand sanitizer at your station. Finally, we ask that you provide ample room for patrons to stand at your station to pick up their pre-ordered, or day of, pre-packaged goods.

    In the event of inclement weather the Executive Director, or the Market Coordinator, will contact each participating vendor to cancel the week by 1:00 p.m the day of Market.

    Vendor stalls must be staffed at all times by the business owner or an employee of the business.

    Food in the Field is a community effort. If vendor-to-vendor or vendor-to-customer disputes cannot be resolved, the Executive Director may be called in to mediate. In this case, the Executive Director’s decision will be final. Grievances may be submitted in writing to the Executive Director at the postal address or email address below.

    Food in the Field was created to enhance the Stowe Community. Any misconduct will not be permitted at the Market. Discrimination, illegal behavior or failure to abide by these Guidelines will not be tolerated. A verbal warning will be issued first, followed by expulsion from the Market. Stowe Vibrancy, Inc. reserves the ability to amend these Guidelines as it sees fit to maintain the safety and success of its Market guests.

    Full-time vendors are expected to attend 7 of the 10 weeks of the Market. Vendors who are unable to attend a week must give proper notification to the Executive Director and the Market Coordinator, so that their space can be filled. Contact Aimee Green at Those who do not wish to commit to the full-time schedule can be placed on the sub-list and will be notified if a space should open up. The Deadline for all applications is July 6, 2020.

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