An organization created to increase the vibrancy of the Town of Stowe through the enhancement of social, recreational, cultural, economic, and physical characteristics of the Village

Local architect and SV Board member, Brian Hamor, is now leading the SV Design and Economic Development Committee.  While Stowe Vibrancy is known by most as a presenter or co-presenter of events in the community, a critical part of our mission is to ensure the overall economic success of the village - and community as a whole - and this committee's work is focused on that effort.

The committee led the Stowe Village Vision Task Force in producing "Stowe 2020 - A Vision for Stowe Village" - a planning document that, using significant public input from residents, second homeowners, and visitors, outlines our challenges and opportunities over the next five years.

And, as importantly, it is leading the charge to help enact needed policy recommendations, and other goals and specific tasks laid out in the report.

There is much to do on this front for a volunteer organization, so if you are interested in being part of this process, we would welcome your involvement.  
Please reach out to either of the email address below:

Brian Hamor -

Shari Vermeulen -

Design and Economic Development Committee